6 signs that your yoga class is not working for you

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity which was practised in Ancient India. Among other things, Ayurveda encompasses yoga which is the practise of postures, breathing exercises and meditation or relaxation techniques in order to achieve perfect physical, mental and emotional health. With yoga becoming popular yoga classes are mushrooming everywhere. Green Goodness Yoga has a list of yoga classes that suit your lifestyle.

However, while choosing a yoga class you must check that the centre has a certified yoga instructor and that public health and safety standards are being adhered to. In addition, following are some signs which can tell you that your yoga class is not working for you:

  1. You don’t look forward to the class: If you are not looking forward to your class but it is becoming more like something which you have to do since you have signed up it may not be the right class for you. An ideal yoga class must feel like a fun place where you bond well with your instructor and fellow practitioners.
  2. The class is focussed only on postures: An ideal yoga session must have a mix of yoga postures (asanas) along with breathing exercises and meditation or relaxation practices. A good mix of these three would ensure that you feel energised after your yoga session.
  3. You feel tired and exhausted after your class: In case you are feeling tired and exhausted after your yoga class rather than feeling energised you need to be concerned.
  4. You are experiencing aches and pains: While it is normal to have some minor aches and pains after your yoga session it is quite unusual for these aches and pains to persist. If your aches and pains persist you need to check whether there are some problems with your practise.
  5. You have sharp shooting pain in the back or neck: In case you experience sharp pain in your neck, spine or back you must discontinue the practise and see a doctor.
  6. You cannot understand the instructions of your yoga instructor: If you find that your yoga instructor isn’t very communicative or if you cannot understand the instructions it may be time for you to change your class. It is very crucial that you are able to understand the instructions as a wrong posture can lead to an injury. The yoga instructor must demonstrate the postures and help you especially if you are a beginner. If you aren’t comfortable with the instructor it may be wise to change your class.

Select the right class and start on a yoga journey to deepen your mind body connection with yourself.